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Coastline Global, founded in 2010 in Palo Alto California, manufactures and markets globally patented products for the veterinary, laboratory, and pet industries.




All of our products facilitate the noninvasive collection of urine samples from animals for analysis. Complimentary to our mission and goals, all of our products, Kit4Cat, LabSand, and the CheckUp Product Line, are environmentally-friendly and noninvasive, maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare.


To learn more about our unique and reliable products for felines, canines, and laboratory animals, please click the icons in the "Our Products" section below to be redirected to the CheckUp, Kit4Cat, and LabSand pages accordingly.

Our Products

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The CheckUp Product Line provides a revolutionary and easy method for pet parents to conduct a general at home wellness test for cats and dogs, which detects common diseases affecting pets of all ages in up to 60 seconds. Each animal specific CheckUp kit for cats and dogs allows pet owners to actively participate in their pet’s health year round. CheckUp kits are designed to be used in between routi ne visits to the veterinarian or for regular monitoring as recommended by a veterinarian. To learn more about the conditions CheckUp kits test for, and where to purchase, visit the CheckUpKit.com page.

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Kit4Cat is revolutionary patented hydrophobic sand for cat urine sample collection. Kit4Cat is used by thousands of veterinarians and clinics worldwide in over 44 different countries. If you are a veterinarian, please visit our Purchase Page on the Kit4Cat.com website to review our list of premium partners. Kit4Cat is veterinarian recommended and laboratory approved, and will not change any of the urine parameters, while making collection easy for vets and techs. Additionally, if you are a cat owner whom requires frequent urinalysis for your feline friend, ask your veterinarian about Kit4Cat which can be used in the comfort of your own home. Cats love our sand so you will too!

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LabSand is revolutionary hydrophobic sand used for urine sample collection of laboratory animals. LabSand is verified by large pharmaceutical companies and has been classified as a viable alternative to invasive, expensive, and stressful methods of obtaining urine samples from laboratory animals. If you have a research facility or laboratory which would like to implement this revolutionary and humane method of urinalysis, contact us (link to contact tab) today to learn more about our US and European distributors!

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